The Internet of Things needs some glue. That’s why Samsung announced its new Artik Cloud platform that will connect Internet of Things devices.

The idea is to connect any Internet of Things device — or everyday objects that are smart and connected — to any sensor, any cloud, and any data type so that we don’t have a babel of smart devices.

The company made the announcement at its Samsung Developer Conference, which has drawn 4,000 developers to the Moscone West convention center in San Francisco.

“We’ve talked about the Internet of Things, and now we can talk about the interoperability of things,” said Curtis Sasaki, vice president of ecosystems at Samsung.

One of the supporters of Artik Cloud is Legrand, which has more than 200 million smart power sensors and other Internet of Things gadgets in place around the world. It can connect devices like a dimmer switch to the Artik Cloud so that you can control the switch from afar.

The Artik Cloud supports a variety of Internet of Things platforms, including Samsung’s own Artik Internet of Things hardware devices. Samsung is providing a variety of Artik solutions to make developers more productive.

“These are great for makers and builders,” Sasaki said. “Our motto is make connections, not silos.”