Data may now be table stakes but data for data’s sake is just a lost investment you can’t justify. Join this not-to-be missed VB Live event to hear how to turn data into real action for every department in your organization.

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In April of 2015, we highlighted analytics as the hottest category in marketing tech, which spanned audience insights, predictive analytics, app analytics and more. The recent study from Worldwide Semiannual Big Data and Analytics Spending Guide from International Data Corporation only shows it’s getting hotter, as big data and business analytics will grow from nearly $122 billion in 2015 to more than $187 billion in 2019. That’s a 50 percent increase over the five-year forecast period.

Analytics cannot be ignored in today’s business world, however, there are some companies that are doing just that.

Either out of intimidation or misinformation, there are businesses neglecting the currently available analytic tools that would improve the performance of their company. As we see more marketplaces like Google Play implement new analytics data for developers, or social media sites like Twitter feature new analytic tools, ignoring the readily available data does no favor to you or your company. Decisions informed by data can help identify small problems before they become big mistakes, along with finding ways to strengthen your bottom line. With the tech industry becoming more competitive every year, you’ll need every advantage you can get.

The bottom line? Analytics helps businesses better understand their visitors and how to convert them to valuable customers, based on their behavior and mechanics being used. Does this feature intrigue newcomers to dive deeper into our app or website? Or, does it only push them away?

In this VB Live event, we’ll take a look at how you can power-up your analytic skills to see greater improvements for your business.  Join VB’s analyst Jon Cifuentes, plus DigitalOcean, Underground Elephant, and Looker for an important discussion about powering up your analytics.

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In this roundtable discussion, you’ll learn how to:

  • Utilize analytics to root out inefficiency
  • Turn analytics into actionable insights
  • Move from data theory to insight practice
  • Take data from the abstract to the concrete
  • Identify and solve problems faster and more efficiently

Speakers include:

  • Ross Bixler, Director of Business Operations, Underground Elephant
  • Robert Olson, Director of Data and Analytics, DigitalOcean
  • Andrew Searson, Director of Analytics, Looker
  • Jon Cifuentes, Analyst, VentureBeat


  • Wendy Schuchart, Analyst, VentureBeat

This VB Live event is sponsored by Looker.