We’re headed toward a mobile-first universe that poses a mind-boggling array of challenges for marketers, app developers, and engineering teams alike.

Mobile data traffic, for example, has grown 4,000X over the past 10 years and almost 400,000,000X over the past 15 years. And with over 2,300 apps being launched daily across the two major app stores, mobile devices are becoming the remote controls of our lives.

Of course, few of those apps are ever installed, and fewer still ‘make it’ — it turns out that mobile is just like any other marketplace. Five percent will win. Ninety-five percent will lose.

One thing is clear. Using the old “throw mud against the wall and see what sticks” approach to marketing, app development, and engineering won’t work. If you want to win in this marketplace, you need a data strategy to support your growth.

At VentureBeat’s Mobile Data Strategy Roadshows in London and Berlin next week, we’ll be exploring the right way to build that strategy. In addition to a free report for all attendees, we’ll have presentations and interviews with top app marketers and product managers.

The TL;DR version is this:

  • We’re doing real, data-driven, significant research at VB Insight
  • We’re coming to tell you what we learned
  • We’ve invited mobile project leads and executives from SoundCloud, Dashlane, TextMe, and more to share their successes, their mistakes, and how to get it right
  • We’ll hit these topics in depth: How mobile marketing and product development can keep you alive and how to build a data-driven strategy that will help you succeed

Before we talk, we’ll network and drink. And after we talk, we’ll network, eat, and drink. The small attendance fee you’ll pay to attend will be given to a local charity. And you’ll get a free copy of our report, too.

A few spots are still available. Now would be an excellent time to grab one of them.

The Details



  • Location: Hub:raum
  • Date: June 9
  • Time: 5-8 p.m.

Who should attend?

High-level mobile marketers, growth executives, and product managers. (This event is brought to you by our friends at mParticle, who had no influence over the study or its findings. Proceeds from the London event benefit Code Club, and proceeds from the Berlin event benefit the ReDI School of Digital Integration).

Update 8.50 a.m. Pacific time: Due to unforeseen circumstances, the London and Berlin roadshows have been postponed. Apologies for any inconvenience.