Any company that suffers a major hack that exposes their users’ data faces a tough challenge in winning back their trust.

Now imagine that your business just happens to be helping your customers cheat on their spouses.

Hello, Ashley Madison.

The affair-enabling site announced today that its parent company is changing its name from Avid Life Media to Ruby. Also, Ashley Madison has decided to drop its “Life is short. Have an affair” motto in favor of “Find your moment.”

“It’s a new day at Ruby and renaming our [organization] is an important step in our journey to completely rebuild the company as a relevant, digital dating innovator that truly cares for our customers,” said new Ruby CEO Rob Segal in a statement.

Previous CEO Noel Biderman left the company last September after hackers broke into the company’s databases and posted user info on the internet. The hacking group was trying to get the company to shut down the site. Though they obviously didn’t succeed, the company is still facing an FTC investigation into the incident.

Of the new corporate name, the company’s new president, James Millership, said in a statement: “Modern relationships are multi-faceted and that’s why we chose ruby as our new name. We like that ruby has a sensual, feminine quality, connotes value and fits with the fresh start our company is undergoing.”

In a general sense, the company says it plans to evolve its service to “grow and attune to modern sexuality in 2016.”

“[The previous tagline] was a limiting label that’s out-dated and doesn’t speak to the wide variety of connections people find on Ashley Madison,” Segal said in his statement. “Close to 45 percent of our members are single, over 50 percent are attached and they are interested in a wide range of experiences.”

The company will be also be rolling out a new TV ad campaign and has posted the new videos, which feature a bored woman considering a hookup at a hotel, a bored couple considering a three-way, and a bored guy on a subway flirting with a woman.

Apparently none of these people has discovered Pokemon Go or they couldn’t be so bored and alone.