Data analytics startup Mixpanel is announcing today the launch of Autotrack, a new feature that’s designed to simplify the process of starting to track websites with the startup’s core service for observing user behavior.

Without Autotrack, implementing Mixpanel involves installing a JavaScript library and then adding the feature to various pages. No longer. The new feature makes setup as easy as clicking on website components and giving them names so that they can be tracked. It’s also possible to connect components for more sophisticated analysis.

“Tons of people in the world are non-technical. We are broadening our market,” Mixpanel cofounder and chief executive Suhail Doshi told VentureBeat in an interview.

The enhancement could also help Mixpanel stand out from its competitors, many of which require more complex setup work. Heap Analytics has an Event Visualizer that makes it point-and-click easy to start tracking website activities. But Doshi said Mixpanel has many more customers than Heap Analytics — more than 4,200, he said.

The new feature is available today for new and existing customers, Mixpanel said in a statement. Early users include Owler.

The San Francisco-based startup has already simplified the process of tracking new events in mobile apps, Doshi said.

Earlier this year, the company launched Android and iOS apps.