Tile, maker of little Bluetooth-enabled devices that help you find lost stuff, announced a new product today: a small key ring tracker designed to replace the company’s two-year-old flagship product.

Tile Mate Top DownAt $25, Tile’s new Bluetooth tracker — the Tile Mate — looks a lot like the original Tile, but it’s 25 percent smaller, and the details of the device were refined by Fuseproject, a firm created by roving industrial designer Yves Béhar.

The original Tile mostly worked fine, but in our experience it proved a bit unwieldy on a set of keys. The Mate’s smaller size should make it easier to set and forget, and should expand the variety of items Tile can seamlessly track (and help locate when they’re lost).

Tile recently released the wallet-sized Tile Slim and announced it would bring its underlying network of connected devices to other products, like a smart scooter and a portable charger.