Survios has had one of the bigger hits in virtual reality, as it announced that its Raw Data game sold more than $1 million worth in less than a month after its launch in July on the HTC Vive VR headset. Now the company is announcing its biggest update yet to the VR shooter title that the company hopes will boost sales further.

Los Angeles-based Survios is adding a new hero character named Boss: The Street Merc. It is also launching new missions, weapons, and abilities. Th new character will join Bishop and Saija as the newest Syndik8 operative and playable hero. His signature weapon is a powerful Dominator Shotgun, which gives gamers a two-handed pump-action firearm that blows enemies away with super-charged shells and plasma grenades.

The HTC Vive has a controller for each hand, so you can move your hands around freely in VR. That means you can take a physical action like holding a shotgun in one hand and pumping the reloader with your other hand. James Iliff, chief creative officer at Survios, said in an interview with GamesBeat that this idea is called “active VR,” and it shows how you can be physically active in a video game.

“We’re pushing the core user experience and new missions that show off our latest improvements in active VR,” Iliff said. “It gets your blood flowing and gets you moving.”

You can “teleshift” for much of the game, where you teleport from one spot to another without physically moving (so there’s no running or walking). This reduces nausea and motion sickness, a common problem in VR games. But with one of the new levels, Extermination, you can actually move around a lot more, Iliff said. In another level, you have to dodge lightning strikes.

“We’re pushing the physicality as much as we can,” Iliff said.

Raw Data is a game where you get sweaty playing, as you have to shoot a gun in all directions to take out androids who come at you from any direction. I can see why the $40 game has been very popular in VR. Shooting a gun in VR is a lot different than with a game controller because you aren’t just pushing buttons. You have to go through the motions of pointing and then reloading.

Raw Data takes place in the world of Eden Corp, a mega corporate brand offering a brand-new service called “Promotion” that’s rumored to stop aging and grant immortality. The elite resistance movement SyndiK8 has dedicated themselves to preserving humanity by exposing Eden Corporation’s true intentions. As one of SyndiK8’s top operatives, players must infiltrate Eden Tower, download as much raw data as possible to expose their atrocities, and escape alive—and human.


New additions to the update will include:

● New Mission – Thundershock

As an immersive electrical storm surges over the Skyport, you have to act fast to stay alive while disposing of lightning-charged enemies. This is the newest phase on the Skyport map, featuring heavy rain and lightning. Lightning strikes will hurt the player and disable defenses (necessitating repair by the player), but will buff up adversaries.

● New Mission – Extermination

The Robotics Lab’s advanced– and dangerous — security system will put your dexterity to the test as players strategic abilities must come into play. You have to duck, dodge, twist and teleshift around laser patterns while trying to stay alive to avoid the deadly grids.

● New Hero – Boss The Street Merc

A disciple of the hard streets of Neo-Shinjuku, Boss will blast robots to bits with his trusty shotgun, or bash the situation to a pulp with an iron fist.

● New Weapon – Dominator Shotgun

You can automatically reload your shotgun just by touching to your back, getting you back in the fray even faster. You can pull the alternate trigger to launch up to three plasma grenades, completely obliterating enemies in your path.

● New Special Abilities – Air Juggle, Grenade Launcher and more

Boss can charge up his shotgun and pop a group of enemies into the air, which then allows himself or other heroes to “juggle” them by shooting or damaging them.

● Defense Update – Plasma Turret (New Model)

New art for the deployable Plasma Turret distinguishes it from other defenses.

● New Defense – Shield Station

You can deploy the dome shaped holographic Shield Station for instant cover when the you-know- what hits the fan. The Shield Station is the first non-turret deployable defense: a static barricade that provides cover behind which players can crouch.

● New Enemy Type – Teleporting Ninja Bot

Now that Eden’s infamous stealthing robot has received the Teleshift hardware upgrade, you’ll have to move faster than ever to take it down. This updated version of the stealthing enemy robot features the innovatice Teleshifting mechanic available to players, making it extremely fast and difficult to hit.

● MP Leaderboards

Co-op teams can now compete for the top spot on each level.