If you haven’t yet moved most of your internal communication to Slack, it might be time to give it serious consideration. Tens of thousands of organisations have adopted Slack as their go-to communication platform. Thinking of Slack as an email replacement is underselling it. It is a manifestation of a new paradigm of workplaces built on speed, transparency, and collaboration.

Beyond collaboration, I think Slack offers much more to a workplace. It has the potential of bringing most of your back office operations to your fingertips. Here’s a collection of seven integrations that supercharge your Slack team and convert the platform into a powerful back office machine. No more apps, no more websites, everything just inside Slack.

1. Meeting scheduling

Looking to set up a meeting with someone? Don’t go back and forth between on calendars and emails. Use Meekan to find an appropriate time and set up a meeting instantly right from inside Slack.

2. Attendance

Why install a new system for managing leave when you can just install AttendanceBot? It records and communicates absences. Its simple yet powerful reporting even lets you integrate it with your payroll.

3. Payments and invoices

If you use Stripe, then you have exactly zero reasons for not installing the Stripe integration. Get payment, subscription, invoice charges, and many more updates in your Slack interface.

4. Business intelligence

Get your dose of BI directly inside Slack with StatsBot. It integrates well with Salesforce, Google Analytics and Mixpanel. You can also use its intelligent alerting to update you when key metrics change.

5. Legal

Got legal questions? LawTrades is there to help. Just tell it your legal situation and it will connect you with a vetted business attorney inside Slack.

6. Expenses

Are your employees tired of filling out Excel sheets and submitting claims to the finance department? Use ExpenseTron. They just tell it their expense details or drop in their receipts and it will file the claims appropriately and help your managers approve and process them.

7. Hiring

What if you could look for, talk to, and screen/evaluate candidates right inside Slack? Well, it turns out you can — using Blitz.

Try all of these today to simplify your back office operations. Trust me, your team will thank you for it.