Google today said that it has stopped supporting and developing Google Android Developer Tools (ADT) plugin for the Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE). Android Studio is the official IDE for Android development, and now Google wants to push all Android developers to it, following the release of version 2.2 in September.

The move doesn’t come as a surprise; in fact, Google actually said back in June 2015 that support would end by the end of 2015, and it essentially continued 10 months after that.

“All of your favorite ADT tools are now part of Android Studio, including DDMS, Trace Viewer, Network Monitor, and CPU Monitor. We’ve also improved Android Studio’s accessibility, including keyboard navigation enhancements and screen reader support,” Android product manager Jamal Eason wrote in a blog post.

ADT for Eclipse dates back to 2009, whereas Android Studio first emerged in 2013.

The open source Android Studio software is available for free here.