Microsoft today announced that it has updated its Skype for Business app for iOS such that the app now takes advantage of optional improvements for third-party VoIP calls that Apple introduced in iOS 10 earlier this year.

Formerly known as Lync 2013, Skype for Business lets people at big companies chat, hold meetings, and make voice and video calls. The iOS version of Skype for Business launched in preview last year.

But historically VoIP calling apps, including Messenger, WhatsApp, and the free Skype app — and also the TrueCaller spam call detecting app — have not had the same native look and feel of the iPhone’s standard-issue phone app when it comes to incoming calls.

Microsoft has updated Skype with support for CallKit, Apple’s name for its new iOS 10 VoIP tooling, and now similar optimizations have come to Skype for Business. Once you’re on a Skype for Business call, you can tap on a new Skype for Business button to jump right into the app. But that’s not all.

“If you are in an important Skype for Business conversation and receive an incoming cellular call, you can send the second call to voicemail or put the Skype for Business call on hold to accept the incoming cellular call. You’ll also see Skype for Business calls in your phone’s call history,” the Skype for Business team wrote in a blog post.