VentureBeat today announced that its tech news is now available on Google Home. Consumers with Google Home can now listen to the latest headlines and full stories simply by saying “VentureBeat news” to the device.

VentureBeat’s new voice bot is part of the Actions on Google initiative that was announced last week. The bot was built by Gupshup, the first bot platform to be integrated with Google Home. VentureBeat is among the initial media organizations to make news stories available on the Google Home platform. Others include BuzzFeed, CNN, and the Wall Street Journal.

Like an Alexa Skill, Google Actions are the controls that power a voice-enabled Google Assistant. Google Home users can access the VentureBeat bot when they say “VentureBeat news.” Google Assistant then reads aloud the latest headline published by VentureBeat. Next, Google Assistant prompts users with simple choices like: ” next headline or previous” and “full story.”

Here is a demonstration of VentureBeat on Google Home:

As messaging platforms proliferate and new formats evolve, VentureBeat will continue to develop innovative services to better meet the needs of its readers.

Gupshup will add functionality to the VentureBeat bot in the weeks ahead, making it available on Slack, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and other services. VentureBeat readers will also be able to access the site’s tech news on the Google Home app for Google Pixel, an integration that is expected to take place in early 2017.


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