August on Thursday announced an integration with Logitech, enabling its smart locks to be controlled through a home switch and POP recipe. Now you can lock your door from your bed or living room just by tapping on the Logitech Home Switch or any other POP-enabled third-party device.

Logitech POP home switches are designed to let you control smart lighting, music, and other connected devices just by pushing a button. Each switch supports three custom commands, so if you have one at your bedside, you can program it to now instruct August to lock your doors. While not exactly innovative, August’s pairing with Logitech creates another way for its tech-savvy customers to use the smart home devices.

“We’re always looking to add the features and functionality that our users want into our ecosystem,” said Logitech’s head of its smart home business, Renee Niemi. “Delivering one touch control of August Smart Locks with POP is something we know they’ll be excited about.”

August’s integration with Logitech joins a growing number of third-party services and devices that can manage the company’s smart lock, including Comcast’s Xfinity, Honeywell, and Amazon’s Alexa. This isn’t the first time that Logitech and August have partnered up, though — that started in 2014 when August synced up with Logitech Harmony’s living home solutions to manage the smart lock.

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