Oracle announced the launch of four new cloud-based software solutions today to give businesses actionable insights from the tracking of sensors connected to vehicles, machinery, and employees.

Predictions made by the software cloud service give insights into when repairs are likely needed or when a supply chain disruption is likely to occur.

  • IoT Asset Monitoring Cloud automates workflows and monitors IoT data
  • IoT Connected Worker Cloud tracks employees for things like safety, service, and regulatory compliance initiatives
  • IoT Fleet Monitoring Cloud follows passenger activity and driver behavior
  • IoT Production Monitoring Cloud monitors production equipment to assess and predict manufacturing issues

“We’ve taken the technology to connect and store data with the ability to extract relevant signals out of that data and do that in a specific context, like tracking assets for maintenance services, tracking manufacturing production, and tracking trucks and fleet monitoring,” Oracle VP Jon Chorley told VentureBeat in a phone interview.

Oracle IoT applications can trigger automatic actions, predict the need for machine repairs, or track employee movements.

The new apps are able to integrate with more than half a dozen other supply chain management solutions from Oracle.