This selection of Alexa skills worth trying is drawn from trending and most enabled categories in the Alexa Skills Marketplace. Each skill has a rating of four out of five stars or higher.

In the latest Alexa news: You may hear more “Cowabunga!” and “BOOM!” references from Alexa in the future, as the makers of Alexa skills were provided with more than 100 phrases to give Alexa more personality and shake up that monotone voice.

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RuneScape Quests

The RuneScape Quests skill lets you play a game called One Piercing Note. It’s a murder mystery that takes place in the Abbey of St Elspeth, and everyone has a British accent. Narrators and foreboding music give this game more depth than the average choose-your-own-adventure Alexa skill. Parental discretion advised.

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What to Expect

Once you give this skill your due date it’s saved, so each time you say “Alexa, open What to Expect,” you get an update on your baby’s growth. The skill can also provide daily tips on things like how to reduce spider or varicose veins. It’s no BabyCenter, but it’s a nice use of an Alexa skill.

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Black History Facts

The Black History Facts skill draws on and will tell you random facts from African-American history. This skills tells you facts about people like Maya Angelou, Angela Davis, and Dr. Carter G. Woodson, creator of Black History Month.

Like the RuneScape Quests Alexa skill, Black History Facts is narrated by people, not by Alexa.

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Seinfeld Fan Trivia

Seinfeld Fan Trivia asks you five multiple-choice questions about the TV show. Answers must be given with a number between one or four. You’ll probably forget this, but the skill will remind you.

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Magoosh Vocabulary Builder

This skill will test your knowledge of synonyms. There’s not a whole lot more to it than that. Makers of the skill encourage you to use it daily to improve your vocabulary.