It was kind of hard to say, anyways.

This summer Nokia is shedding the Withings brand — the one it acquired for $192 million less than a year ago — and renaming the existing line of connected health products as “Nokia” devices.

Going forward, the Withings’ Activité fitness watches will soon become Nokia Activité watches, likewise with the Body smart scale line (the one we reviewed favorably here). Most of the hardware will not change this summer, aside from software updates coming to Nokia’s Health Mate app and a new “entry-price” smart scale that Nokia hasn’t said much about yet.

The rebrand is arriving as Nokia attempts to assert itself as a premier connected device maker. Meanwhile, HMD, an entirely separate company that paid lots of money to release phones under the Nokia name, will launch four phones this month, including a relaunch of the classic Nokia 3310 feature phone.

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