Prisma Labs, maker of the Prisma app, is giving users more control over their filters with two new features added today.

Starting with its most active users, Prisma Labs is giving its users the ability to make their own neural network-trained filters based on their favorite art or artistic styles.

The web-based tool, which reportedly takes an hour to create a filter, will eventually be rolled out to the Prisma app for iOS and Android smartphones.

The Moscow-based company also announced today the opening of the Prisma Store. With the Prisma Store, users will be able to download or delete filters to customize the kinds of filters used to manipulate photos and videos. Despite it being called a store, the filters are free.

“There are 44 styles available right now,” Prisma Labs said in a statement shared with VentureBeat. “This makes people confused as they have to scroll through lots of styles they don’t like to get to their favorite one. Now people will be able to download and keep the styles they really enjoy.”

User-generated filters will be shared in the Prisma Store in the future, CMO Aram Airapetyan told VentureBeat in a Facebook Messenger chat.

“People create a style and submit it to review. We look through and pick the best and place it on Store,” he said.

Airapetyan told VentureBeat he expects the filter creator to be available on smartphones within the coming months.

Prisma was named App of the Year by both App Store for iOS and Play Store for devices using the Android operating system.

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