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The enterprise chat wars are exploding. Last week, Google launched a beta version of Hangouts Chat and just two days ago, Microsoft released Teams in 181 countries and 19 languages. The moves by these 800 pound gorillas imperil companies like Slack, Yammer, and Hipchat — the very companies that pioneered the enterprise chat space.

Yet the giants are taking different approaches. With its 85 million Office 365 users, Microsoft has aready-made market to sell its service. Companies wanting the chat and group collaboration functionality are going to have to pay. Google, as Ken Yeung writes, is taking a page from Slack’s playbook by “establishing a platform to not only be a place to hold discussions, but to quickly jump into video calling when needed.” Hangouts Chat is marketed as a free service, available as part of companies’ G-suite subscriptions. So, a different approach to the same goal of charging businesses.

Google and Microsoft are not alone in their enterprise focus. For instance, Facebook offers Workplace and Cisco has Spark. These big tech companies are now pushing enterprise chat and group collaboration, with bots as a service. Sure it’s an old war for enterprise market share, but now group chat has been weaponized to be integrated into an operating system and a host of applications. If that’s what determines victory, then perhaps first movers like Slack never had achance.

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P.S. Please enjoy this video from entrepreneur Christoph Magnussen on the importance of collaborative tools and machine learning.

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