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Yes, we’ve seen Artificial intelligence (AI) beating a top human player at Go, the complex board game. But while AI will be behind a new generation of self-driving cars, that’s still considered to be several years off in the future. But when it comes to B2C marketing and Tinyclues, AI is very much a present-day reality.

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Tinyclues Action™ (Graphic: Business Wire)

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Tinyclues Action™ (Graphic: Business Wire)

Today, Tinyclues is thrilled to announce the launch of a revolutionary, next-generation marketing solution that’s unseen so far in the market. New Tinyclues Action™ is an AI-driven customer engagement solution with the wow factor.

Tinyclues Action™ enables marketers to be more creative, more agile, and to create more value for B2C businesses. This exciting and unique solution combines Tinyclues deep AI targeting capability (already adopted by Fortune 1000 companies, with massive performance gains) with a new, AI-augmented, interactive campaign planning experience. In just a few clicks, it’s now possible for marketers to orchestrate consistent and effective marketing agendas over multiple days and weeks, engaging customers in the most effective manner and driving revenue at all stages of the purchase funnel.

Tinyclues Action™ is the go-to interface where marketers can input their campaign ideas and turn them into a comprehensive action plan. In the past, the path from ideas to actions was paved with copious amounts of guesswork and grind. Marketers had to second-guess which demographic segment to activate on each campaign, which cross-sell opportunities would work well, and whether or not different items would combine well in a single message. Building weekly or longer-term plans meant maintaining them in separate spreadsheets, with no possibility of knowing in advance whether the plan would actually perform. Tinyclues Action™ replaces all that by interacting with users and giving them feedback in real-time about what marketing messages will and won’t work, while also making suggestions about what can be improved.

While powered by serious, deep AI technology, Tinyclues Action™ is a joy to work with. It delivers a new experience that is both intuitive and pragmatic, thanks to its highly visual and user-friendly interface. Marketers no longer have to rely on preconceptions; they are assisted throughout the decision process by data-driven, quantified insights. Of course, marketers still have the last say on which campaigns they run. They are empowered to focus on content and strategy and what really creates value, becoming increasingly skilled and effective in the more creative aspects of their job.

Put very simply, Tinyclues Action™ does three things very smartly. Firstly, it predicts ANY customer’s likelihood to buy ANY item (or brand, or category) in the next few days, even in the absence of a prior intent. This deep targeting capability outshines intent-driven rules (which rely on retargeting customers based on their past behavior and become ineffective after a few interactions.) Secondly, it gives instant feedback on the right volume or pressure to put behind a campaign. And thirdly, it offers intelligent planning capabilities which enable marketers to build a comprehensive marketing agenda over the next days and weeks, activating customers on all channels (email, mobile, social – even print), while making sure that everyone receives the best messages and that the overall plan is balanced and consistent. In other words, it combines intelligent targeting, intelligent pressure management and intelligent planning.

Tinyclues Action™ is designed to be used by marketing teams in their day-to-day operations and has a focus on productivity and enablement. Users are presented with an integrated calendar view of their marketing plan, key indicators of planned campaigns, and a vision of the audience campaign by campaign. But for all that on-the-surface simplicity, the solution is performing highly complex tasks only made possible by AI.

The solution assists with strategic decision-making, offering optimized weekly and daily pressure management. Instead of the old “first come, first served” approach to campaign prioritization, it provides a dynamic, user-by-user arbitrage of the best opportunities that will maximize value, without relying on predetermined arbitrary rules. This is where the pragmatism comes in. Tinyclues Action™ feeds back on how the arbitrage is impacting the different campaigns, and offers metrics on how successful each campaign is likely to be. And it gets even smarter: by detecting audience conflicts that would penalize business performance, it provides real-time suggestions to reschedule certain campaigns for greater effect.

With Tinyclues Action™, marketers get more control. They’re free to plan for the long term, but also to navigate on a day-to-day basis as new marketing opportunities pop up. There’s always room for maneuver, as any audience conflicts get easily resolved based on feedback from the program. When this information is shared between stakeholders, it means less planning conflicts and the highest possible revenue from a customer base.

Marketers will also be able to generate more revenue with a single click. With Tinyclues Action™, it’s quick and easy to compare the trends of the current and previous weeks’ campaigns and take any necessary action. For example, actions such as extending successful campaigns to more people who look likely to purchase, merging and sending out campaigns that work well together.

Olivier Cuzacq, Tinyclues VP Product, explained the benefits: “We’re really reinventing the customer activation experience for those B2C marketers that have massive customer databases and who want to grow their repeat business. Tinyclues’ deep AI technology has a unique ability to predict each customer’s individual preferences, even in the absence of a recently expressed intent. With Tinyclues Action™, we’re complementing this technology with an intuitive AI layer that assists marketers throughout the process of planning, targeting and orchestrating any number of customer activation campaigns. Don’t be fooled by Tinyclues Action™’ ease of use: it is a true productivity powerhouse, enabling marketers to put their marketing ideas into action and maximize revenue and engagement among all existing customers, at all stages of the repeat-purchase funnel.”

David Bessis, Tinyclues founder and CEO added: “AI will redefine how B2C marketers interact with their customers. We believe that by 2020, they’ll be able to simply input their contents and business goals in an AI-driven solution that will predict and perform the best customer engagement strategy for maximum business impact, in a smooth and quantified manner. By blending our deep AI capabilities with a unique, AI-assisted planning experience, Tinyclues Action™ is a major step in this direction. It further demonstrates our technology leadership and product vision, and we’re thrilled by the market’s reception.”

Some of Tinyclues clients have already been involved in the journey by testing Tinyclues Action™ and the feedback has been very positive. Sebastien Robles, Marketing Director at Brandalley said: “Tinyclues Action™ transformed the way we plan our campaigns, enabling us to work much faster and be more profitable. We rely on the AI in Tinyclues Action to intelligently manage pressure and optimize the arbitrage between campaigns. Our workflow is now much more proactive, with Tinyclues Action™ giving us strategic insights on the potential of our marketing ideas, and helping us to spot any audience conflicts early. We’re excited to see their roadmap unfold, with Tinyclues Action™ and its AI inventing new ways to activate our customers, maximize our reach and ultimately drive more revenue.”

And Brandalley aren’t alone. Clémence Bussière, Director Relationship Marketing at, concluded: “Beyond generating a 115% increase in our campaigns’ revenue within the first three months of use, Tinyclues enabled us to reinvent the way we orchestrate our marketing agenda.”

So, while AI developments may be a slower and gradual process for many industries, Tinyclues’ new solution illustrates how AI is already pushing the boundaries for today’s B2C marketers. Get ready to embrace the opportunities.

About Tinyclues

Tinyclues is the leading, next generation AI-driven SaaS marketing platform enabling B2C companies to generate additional revenue through intelligent campaign targeting and planning. Marketers can leverage Tinyclues Action™ easy-to-use, AI augmented interface to efficiently activate customers and orchestrate their marketing agenda to drive revenue and engagement. Tinyclues’ ground-breaking solution uses Artificial Intelligence to predict the likelihood of any customer to buy any promoted item, even in the absence of recent intent. As a result, marketers can deliver smart, targeted messages to everyone in their database. Companies like Brandalley, Cdiscount, ClubMed, Fnac, La Redoute, PriceMinister, Rue du Commerce,, Sarenza, Vestiaire Collective, VeryChic, and more are using Tinyclues to orchestrate more than 400 million messages per month across channels such as email, mobile notifications, direct mail, call centers or Facebook to generate quantified and sustainable incremental revenue.

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