In a new category of wearables, PureCarbon has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for smart weightlifting gloves, dubbed Delta Gloves.

The wearable fitness device promise to enhance your strength training, replacing the normal gloves that weightlifters and other people wear during workouts with smart gloves that track your movements.

The idea comes from Aleda and Jonathan Schaffer, cofounders of PureCarbon. They’re hoping to raise $50,000 to bridge the fitness tracking divide for strength training. They also appeared on America’s Greatest Makers, an Intel-sponsored reality show on TBS, where they won $100,000 and completed alpha testing of the Delta Gloves.

Early adopters will enjoy a discounted rate of $99 while supplies last. Following the launch, the Delta Gloves will be available on the PureCarbon web site for $199.

“Indiegogo is the ideal platform to launch this groundbreaking wearable fitness technology,” said PureCarbon CEO Jonathan Schaffer, in a statement. “The market has long been in need of the Delta Gloves for fitness enthusiasts of all levels — from users who lift every week to those just starting out.”

Workout guidance from PureCarbon’s free app offers in-ear rep counts, exercise identification, and tips on form. Whether at the gym or at home, users can choose curated workouts through the app or use freestyle mode to create and track their own routine. The platform allows people to share their data with their friends or personal trainers.

The Delta Glove’s patented and proprietary SoftSense technology enhances strength training by providing an accurate power output through printed pressure sensors in the glove’s palm and fingertips that detect weight when combined with exercise data from the “puck,” the glove’s computer brain. Powering the device, the Intel Curie module has a dual core processor, neural network, accelerometer, and gyroscope.

Proof of concept glove (far left) Wired prototypes using arduino (back row) Wireless Bluetooth Glove used on A.mericas Greatest Makers (front center)

Above: Proof of concept glove (far left).
Wired prototypes using Arduino (back row).
Wireless Bluetooth glove used on America’s Greatest Makers (front center).

Image Credit: PureCarbon

PureCarbon will eventually offer online trainers to customize workouts and additional wearable products for tracking different activities and athletic pursuits, enabling users to make the most out of every workout.

The Delta Gloves have some interesting features, beyond the SoftSense printed pressure sensor circuits in the palm and fingertips of the gloves that detect the weight lifted. It also has real-time tracking, via Bluetooth data transmissions to smartphones. You can set audio or haptic notifications to mark the end of each set and rest period. The gloves are washable and replaceable. There’s a sweat wipe located on the thumb, breathable mesh between the fingers, and sweat-wicking fabric to keep your hand cool and dry.

The app automatically records exercises, sets, and reps while using dumbbells, barbells, machines, and even body weight. You can use that data to compare your progress over time and compare different workouts.

PureCarbon’s free app also offers in-ear feedback counts down reps, identifies the next exercise, and provides tips on form to ensure the most effective workout. The company was founded in San Francisco in 2015.