Microsoft today announced that it’s cutting the prices of one group of virtual machines (VMs) that people can rent out from the Azure public cloud.

Effective April 1, the L-Series of VMs, which offer up to 5.6TB of storage on solid-state drives (SSDs), cost 60-69 percent less than before, Brian Hillger, senior director of business planning in Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise group, wrote in a blog post.

This follows Microsoft’s years-long commitment to ensuring its cloud computing prices are comparable with the ones found at Amazon Web Services (AWS), the biggest public cloud infrastructure provider. Amazon trims AWS prices from time to time, and Microsoft does, too.

Currently, Azure only offers L-Series VMs out of five data center regions: Canada Central, Canada East, East US 2, West US, and US Gov Virginia.

In addition to the price cuts, Microsoft also announced that it will be introducing new Dv3 general-purpose VMs and Ev3 memory-optimized VMs. The new VM will carry up to 64 virtual CPU cores — Google recently introduced that — and up to 432 GiB of RAM.