Public cloud infrastructure provider Amazon Web Services (AWS) today announced an enhancement to its Database Migration Service (DMS). Now people can move their databases kept in the open source NoSQL database MongoDB into AWS’ own proprietary DynamoDB managed NoSQL service with the help of DMS.

In fact, DMS now supports migration of NoSQL databases in general, AWS said in a blog post. This suggests that more NoSQL databases could get official DMS support in the future. Currently DMS can work with Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Amazon Aurora, PostgreSQL, and SAP ASE databases, Amazon has said.

AWS introduced the DMS and the compatible Schema Conversion Tool in 2015. In December AWS CEO Andy Jassy claimed DMS had performed 16,000 migrations in 2016. Altogether there have now been more than 22,000 migrations, Jassy said in a tweet last month.

In February AWS announced that the Schema Conversion tool could take data from Oracle and Teradata data warehouses and get it ready to be pushed into AWS’ Redshift data warehousing service.

MongoDB was once a very trendy technology among developers. The company behind it, also called MongoDB, offers a managed version of the database that’s hosted on AWS. Now AWS will be able to pull in revenue where organizations had previously sought to use MongoDB for databases in their on-premises data centers. In other words, AWS is now challenging its own customer, and it’s not the first time that’s happening.

Documentation for MongoDB-to-DynamoDB migration is here.