CAMBRIDGE, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–April 12, 2017–

Seven Bridges, the biomedical data analysis company, today announced that it has made the Simons Genome Diversity Project (SGDP) dataset available for analysis by researchers via the Seven Bridges Platform.

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Seven Bridges Brings The Simons Foundation's Genome Diversity Project Dataset to the Cloud (Graphic: ...

Seven Bridges Brings The Simons Foundation’s Genome Diversity Project Dataset to the Cloud (Graphic: Business Wire)

The SGDP is the largest dataset of human genetic variation ever collected, including whole genomes from 300 individuals representing 142 diverse populations across the globe. The SGDP dataset is now available for Seven Bridges Platform users to analyze in conjunction with their own data and other large datasets including The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) and the Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia (CCLE). The Platform is used by thousands of researchers around the world to drive research and development in the world’s largest biopharmaceutical organizations.

“Partnering with Seven Bridges will put this diverse and unique dataset into the hands of more researchers, in turn, speeding the discovery process,” said Dr. David Reich of Harvard Medical School, one of the directors of the project. “One of the most important components of scientific practice is the ability of scientists to replicate analysis, reanalyze data, build on it and come to their own conclusions. The Seven Bridges Platform and tools provide a new way for researchers all over the world to leverage our data and make new discoveries.”

The SGDP dataset is particularly valuable to researchers because it differs from most other large-scale genomic datasets. The Simons Foundation selected samples with the explicit intent of capturing as much geographic, anthropological, and linguistic diversity as possible. As a result, this dataset captures modern human genetic diversity that is not well represented in other genomics datasets. As a result, the SGDP dataset provides valuable guidance to understand evolutionary pressures towards identifying important parameters in the search for disease-related genes. Once researchers identify data of interest, it can be immediately imported into their project to build reproducible bioinformatic analyses.

“The Simons’ Foundation has long been committed to advancing the frontiers of scientific research, with a focus on creating collaborations that will generate discovery for years to come.” said Brandi Davis-Dusenbery, CEO of Seven Bridges. “The release of SGDP on our Platform will help researchers around the world more effectively use this powerful dataset.”

More information on the Simons Genome Diversity Project dataset is available on the Seven Bridges blog.

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