If you’re interested in using Yahoo Mail but have resisted because you have a Gmail, AOL, or Outlook email address, you no longer have anything to worry about. Today Yahoo announced that it has abolished the Yahoo email address requirement for its mail client. This potentially frees the app up to be used by others who find what Yahoo offers in the mail space more appealing than native apps.

After downloading Yahoo Mail, tap your preferred email provider in the welcome screen and log in. You’ll have to grant Yahoo permission to sync your email messages.

What’s happening is that the Yahoo Mail of old has been transformed into services like Alto, Email by EasilyDo, and other third-party clients.

Yahoo boasts that it’s better than alternative email apps in that it has a powerful search tool, people-only notifications, customizable swipes, personalized themes, multiple mailbox management, and password-free login authentication.

Opening up Yahoo Mail could be a way for the company to increase growth, especially after a few bad incidents that may have caused some people to rethink their accounts. It’s another step in Yahoo’s campaign to make its service more accessible and follows a related move in November, when the company began allowing users to import contacts from more than 200 email service providers.

The updated Yahoo Mail app is available on both iOS and Android starting today