B2B video marketing is officially a Big Deal, because in every stage of the funnel videos educate, entertain, and inspire in ways other marketing techniques can’t touch. Find out how you can connect, engage and convert customers with video in our latest VB Live event!

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Social integration, investments by internet giants like Google and Facebook, and vanishing-to-a-point attention spans has made video marketing one of those trends that is actually never going anywhere — so you need to get good at it, fast.

But you’re going to want to make it the star of your strategy. Conversational video marketing has a powerful impact on viewers at every stage of the customer funnel, and can be used in every facet of your marketing mix, from social marketing to email to push notifications. They drive traffic, boost engagement, and break it down for customers better than almost any other type of content you put out there. And your customers really want you to put it out there.

By the end of 2017, 74 percent of all Internet traffic will be video. And if you go ahead and drop the word “video” in the subject line of your marketing email, you’ll see open rates increase by 19 percent, 65 percent higher click-throughs, and unsubscribes cut short by 26 percent.

Videos are all over your customers’ social media feeds, too, and users love them. According to Twitter, videos and photos get the most retweets. Videos from YouTube, the Google-owned video search engine, tend to get bumped up to the top of search results by search algorithms that favor rich media.

And Facebook is devoting its resources toward expanding its video infrastructure, in the wake of the boom in video popularity. Last year, video viewership on Facebook doubled from 4 billion views per day to 8 billion views in just seven months. The company launched picture-in-picture viewing last year, and is testing dedicated video feed stream so users get the content they want, when they want to see it.

This staggering growth of video viewership highlights the immense potential of conversational video marketing to change your customer relationships and turn views into conversions.

But you can’t forget that users are in control, and they’ve got ad blockers to back up their lack of interest. You need to create fresh, innovative experiences that matter, are meaningful, and are worth their time and earn their attention.

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  • Michael BallardSenior Manager Digital Marketing, Lenovo
  • Todd Hartley, CEO, Wirebuzz
  • Stewart Rogers, Director of Marketing Technology, VentureBeat

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