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“A lot of times you think of AI commerce and conversational commerce as one and the same,” says Jonathan Jarvis, CEO of Token, the end-to-end gift-giving service powered by machine learning. “But I actually think there’s a huge role to play for AI and machine learning in commerce outside of a messaging interface or messaging apps.”

The first wave of assisted commerce has been laser-focused on conversational commerce in messaging interfaces, Jarvis points out. “Because everyone’s spending their time in messaging apps, it seemed to make a lot of sense to build in commerce functionality in that way,” he says. “There are some use cases where that’s really good, but it’s surprising is how many use cases there are where it’s really difficult [using] that model.”

He points to the rise of the AI-powered assistant landscape: consumers have basic assistants at their fingertips, with Siri on iOS, Google on Android, and even Cortana on Microsoft.

“My thesis is that you’ll have a whole team of specialized services and assistants that your general assistant can broker relationships with,” Jarvis says, which you already start to see with assistants like Alexa, which can queue up your Spotify playlists or check your fantasy football league on Yahoo.

“So you can imagine having your general assistant, and then specialized assistants for everything from getting food delivered to you, to transporting you somewhere, to getting a gift delivered for you,” he says. “We’ve identified that as an emerging landscape at Token, and we want to own a vertical, essentially, and be the best at that.”

But he notes that it is intensely difficult to build an assistant that works reliably without a specialization.

“What you find is that your AI is as good as the data set that you have, and it’s really hard to create good data sets when you have really really varied use cases,” says Jarvis. “My main piece of advice would be to find a really focused use case where it’s really appropriate to use it, and then have the discipline to remain focused with it.”

“You’d be surprised at how focused you can get,” he adds, “and you’d probably get more bang for your buck if you’re doing smaller, more focused things with it.”

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  • Stewart Rogers, Director of Marketing Technology, VentureBeat
  • Jonathan Jarvis, CEO, Token