H2O.ai and Nvidia today announced that they have partnered to take machine learning and deep learning algorithms to the enterprise through deals with Nvidia’s graphics processing units (GPUs).

Mountain View, Calif.-based H20.ai has created AI software that enables customers to train machine learning and deep learning models up to 75 times faster than conventional central processing unit (CPU) solutions. The company made the announcement at Nvidia’s GPU Tech event in San Jose, Calif.

H2O.ai will offer its machine learning algorithms in a newly minted GPU-edition and its Deep Water product on Nvidia GPUs. In addition, H2O.ai’s platform will now be optimized for the Nvidia’s DGX-1 AI processor.

Enterprises can use this end-to-end solution to operate on large data sets, iterate faster, deploy quickly, and gain real-time insights. Potential uses for this GPU combo include customer service, fraud prevention, financial advising, and health care personalization.

H2O.ai is also a founding member of the GPU Open Analytics initiative that aims to create an open framework for data science on GPUs. As part of the initiative, H2O.ai’s GPU edition machine learning algorithms are compatible with the GPU Data Frame, the open in-GPU-memory data frame. H2O.ai can read the data frame and run machine learning in the GPU memory directly.

“AI with automatic machine learning will make data monetization possible for anyone with data. H2O.ai is excited to unveil our growing partnership with Nvidia to bring interpretable, fast and accurate algorithms to GPUs.” said Sri Ambati, CEO and cofounder of H2O.ai, in a statement. “H2O.ai with Nvidia GPU acceleration brings a high-performance cloud-neutral learning and inference stack for enterprise AI communities.”

In 2017, the number of companies using H2O.ai’s platform jumped to more than 9,100, with 83,000 total users — a nearly 50 percent increase year-over-year.