Snap’s marquee feature is getting an upgrade.

Snapchat stories are like disappearing photo albums you can share with friends. But until today, there was no easy way to create these stories for a group event — like, say, for a glossy trip to the Grand Canyon.

That’s Snap’s pitch for the new feature, which it calls custom stories. It’s a way for friends to create an album of disappearing photos and videos during a trip and then easily share it with whoever wasn’t invited.

“You decide who can add to the story and who can view it — you can also choose to geofence the story to a location,” reads Snap’s announcement.

Unfortunately for you, this feature is currently only available on Snapchat. You’ll have to wait six months or so for Instagram to copy it.

Update 7:03 a.m. Pacific: Facebook-owned Instagram just added location-based stories, a feature Snapchat has had for ages.

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