CybelAngel, a startup offering an unprecedented cybersecurity solution based on its unique Big Data technology, has just secured €3M from Serena Data Ventures, the Serena Capital fund dedicated to Big Data and AI. With this new round, CybelAngel will be able to accelerate its international expansion and intensify its R&D efforts. The company welcomes Bertrand Diard, Venture Partner of Serena Data Ventures and co-founder of Talend & Influans, to its Board of Directors.

“This round of funding enables us to address the international market without any further ado. In particular, we can start addressing the American market, where we confirmed that our solution is unequaled. We are thrilled to take on this exciting new challenge with the Serena team, who brings a strong expertise on the subject”, explains Erwan Keraudy, CEO of the company.

CybelAngel offers an innovative cybersecurity technology to protect companies from document leaks on the Internet. Everyday, CybelAngel detects one billion sensitive documents that are freely accessible online. Those can jeopardize a company’s R&D projects, its client databases, its commercial strategy or even its IT networks. CybelAngel locates this information as soon as it is made accessible online; then it alert its clients before a hacker or a competitor finds it and takes advantage of it.

CybelAngel’s key differentiators are its unique technological proposition and the incidents it detects online. CybelAngel is the only one on the market to explore some of the deeper parts of the Internet. This unique capacity enables it to protect its clients from data leaks originating from third-parties, and that are thus impossible for the client to keep control of. Since the beginning, CybelAngel has focused its efforts on automation as it is fundamental to be able to process the gigantic volumes of data it detects.

CybelAngel currently works with some of the largest European companies, from various industries. These companies show a high level of satisfaction and as a result, today CybelAngel achieves a 0% churn.

In 2016, CybelAngel took its first steps abroad. First, by winning contracts with major German and Irish players. Then, by presenting some of its R&D results at the prestigious Black Hat1 conference. And finally, it won the pitching contest at Slush in Helsinki2, beating over 1700 companies from all around the world.

With this funding, CybelAngel will be able to start its full-scale international development. “We prove that every company around the planet is exposed to sensitive data loss. We succeed in detecting this data and bringing it back as soon as possible”, explains Erwan Keraudy. CybelAngel will focus its development on the US, a sizeable market where its unique value proposition has been confirmed by key institutions. The objective is to set up a sales and marketing teams in the US.

CybelAngel will also intensify its R&D efforts to improve the performance of the automatic data collection. The goal is also to enhance the machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms that process this enormous amount of data.

Since 2013, CybelAngel has kept on innovating to fight against the new risks that keep appearing on the Internet. And it won’t stop now. “We are on a market that is growing before us, thanks to the booming of connected devices”, remarks Erwan Keraudy. “Today, we detect unprotected data servers, hard drives or even video conference systems. Tomorrow, we will find unsecure insulin pumps, power plants or even aircrafts”.

“In a world that is ever more digital, most of the exchanges of data are legitimate. However, malicious acts are also facilitated and they can have an enormous impact if they are not identified and dealt with quickly”, notes Bertrand Diard, Venture Partner of Serena Data Ventures. “Cybersecurity has become a major issue for both nations and companies. I am very happy to be a part of this adventure with the whole CybelAngel team and to offer them our experience to help them create a global company.”

About CybelAngel
CybelAngel is a company that specializes in data leak detection on the non-indexed Internet. Everyday, CybelAngel discovers sensitive document leaks thanks to its unique technology. These documents are brought back to their owners as soon as possible to protect their image, competitiveness and security. CybelAngel was created in 2013 and works with major European companies.



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