Shopify today made its Kit bot free for all merchants to use, enabling them to do things like make Facebook ads, email customers, or start marketing campaigns. Prior to Kit being available for free as part of the Shopify experience, merchants were asked to pay $10 (standard) or $25 (premium) per month for the service.

The ecommerce site’s 400,000 merchants can speak with the bot through Facebook Messenger, SMS, or Telegram Messenger.

Shopify acquired Kit in 2016, a day before the launch of the Messenger Platform at F8. Back then, Kit was only designed to create Facebook ads. A Kit Skills Library has since been added and will grow with merchant feedback, Kit CEO Michael Perry told VentureBeat.

“A lot of the skills we have currently are going through big refreshes,” Perry said. “We’re trying to find new ways to help them maintain their store and set things up, as well — so lots of skills being improved upon and new ones being developed between now and the end of the year.”

Businesses like Shopify have made bots available to both their merchant communities and customers.

And Alibaba recently launched a bot for its merchants to communicate with customers, while Ebay’s Shopbot helps customers search for and price items.