Atlassian is giving its customers the ability to say “Just give me one of everything,” with a new bundle released today. The Atlassian Stack includes licenses for almost all of the company’s products — including Jira, Confluence, HipChat, and Bitbucket — in order to help teams implement modern development practices.

It’s a bundle primarily aimed at large companies, since pricing begins at 1,000 licenses. At that rate, customers pay $186,875 per year, which comes out to roughly $15.57 per user per month. The more users a customer has, the lower their per-user price.

Enterprises are more likely to use three or more Atlassian products, and this new bundle is aimed at better serving them, according to Cameron Deatsch, the company’s head of growth. Prior to today’s launch, it wasn’t possible for enterprises to purchase bundles from Atlassian.

Convincing large businesses to license multiple Atlassian products is key to the software company’s growth. While many of its tools are already popular, the company’s software has no shortage of competitors. Offering one package that provides access to all the tools may help convince people to use Confluence instead of SharePoint, HipChat instead of Slack, or Jira and Bitbucket instead of GitHub.

The growth of Atlassian’s products comes alongside the overall growth of DevOps, a set of techniques that emphasizes breaking down traditional barriers between writing new code and running deployed applications.

As part of the launch, Atlassian also unveiled its DevOps Marketplace, which offers customers a portal to tools that integrate with products like Jira and Bitbucket. The integrations available there are a subset of the company’s total listing of products that integrate with its software, but they’re designed to be most useful for DevOps.