Here are the five most popular bots this past week, as they appear on Botlist: Beam, Magic 8 Bot, Nonstop Chuck Norris, AeroBot, and Diply. Give them a try and let us know what you think.

5. Beam

Allow Discord to automatically sync your Beam subscribers to a role. Make a private room for them to discuss how awesome they are.
Available on Discord

4. Magic 8

Find your answers with our Magic 8 Bot. Ask any question you like and you will get a quick and entertaining answer. You can spend hours challenging the Magic 8 Bot.

Available on Messenger


3. Nonstop Chuck Norris

Chat with Nonstop Chuck-bot for Chuck Norris video challenges, the chance to create/share your own Chuck Norris memes and learn fun facts about the man himself!

Available on Kik


2. AeroBot

Aero is a multi-purpose bot made to make your Discord experience more fun and fulfilling. Aero is packed with features and can also help to expand the functionality of your server. Few Major Features Include : 1) Server Info and User Info 2) Server Moderation 3) Logger 4) Mini-Games 5) Music (Soonᵀᴹ) 6) and much more…..

Available on Discord

1. Diply

Diply claims to be the fastest-growing website in internet history. It’s the best place to find the funniest, craftiest, nerdiest, most inspiring content the internet has to offer.

Available on Messenger

Popularity of the top 5 bots on Botlist is based on web traffic to individual bots’ pages appearing on the site. This week’s rankings were for the period June 12 – June 18, 2017.