You might not have heard of Here Be Dragons before, but you’ve probably heard of some of the projects the it’s worked on. Today, this VR and AR production studio is announcing the closure of a $10 million series A round of funding. Discovery Communications led this investment.

Here Be Dragons has been creating both original and promotional VR experiences for clients and content creators for the past few years now. You might have seen their work in the Mr. Robot VR experience that launched last year, or the Clouds Over Sidra short used by the UN. The company was co-founded by CEO Patrick Milling-Smith and Chris Milk, known for his work on the Within platform.

The company plans to use this money to expand its team and itself invest in creative services and ideation. Expect to see the team explore new technologies and deliver new types of experiences. Rebecca Howard, SVP Emerging Platforms and Partnerships at Discovery Communications, is also joining the board of directors.

Most recently, Here Be Dragons created a mixed reality experience for FX’s Legion, which went on display at Comic-Con last month. It’s also worked with Kathryn Bigelow on The Protectors: Walk in the Ranger’s Shows and produced Tree, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. That’s quite a resume; we’re looking forward to seeing what it can cook up next.

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