Coding can be a solitary process at times, but on larger projects collaboration is often the key to success. That’s why code-hosting repository GitHub has announced a neat new tool designed to help developers reference specific pieces of code they’re working on with other members of the team.

All you need to do is highlight lines of code you wish to discuss, click “copy permalink” from the little three-dot menu on the left-hand side, and paste it into the conversation.

Above: Embedded code snippets

The tool is basically designed to solve the same problem that other tech companies have sought to address by enabling embedded media assets. For example, rather than sharing a YouTube link that requires others to click and shift to YouTube to watch it, you can embed links in a conversation in other social channels. On GitHub, it’s now easy to share what you’re working on and request immediate feedback.

From the same GitHub toolbar, you can also now open a new issue to discuss bugs in a project.

This latest launch comes a month after GitHub announced another collaborative feature called code owners, which makes it easier to identify which people need to review changes that have been made to code in a repository.