Samsung is rolling out an update to its 2017 lineup of smart TVs that will allow anyone to find out what song is playing on a TV show or movie simply by tapping a button on their screen.

At CES back in January, Samsung announced that Shazam, along with a bunch of other new features, was coming to its Smart Hub, though the company didn’t reveal when the feature would be made available. But the Korean tech titan has now confirmed that the update will be landing imminently.

Founded out of London in 2000, Shazam is perhaps best known for its mobile app that lets you identify songs playing in the background by tapping a button. It has also branched out into other verticals, including TV, and last year the company announced its billionth app download.

With Shazam integrated into the very fabric of Samsung Smart TVs, viewers can identify any song playing in movies or TV shows using their remote to tap the “Select to Shazam” button.  They can also view lyrics and other metadata relating to the artist.

Interestingly, those with a Samsung One remote control can also identify a song using their voice, by uttering “what is this song?” to trigger Shazam.

Above: Shazam on smart TV

Though its integration with Samsung Smart TVs does expose Shazam to millions more users, there is one drawback — this tie-up doesn’t synchronize with a user’s Shazam account, according to the company’s FAQ section. Those who like to save all their Shazams to their personal profile will be better off continuing to use the Shazam mobile app when they hear a song they like on TV.

However, like the mobile Shazam app, the TV-based incarnation does connect up with various third-party streaming services, so it is possible to save your songs to playlists in Spotify, Napster, or Deezer — assuming you have a subscription to one of those services.

The new Shazam-powered Samsung music service is rolling out in the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, and Samsung’s native Korea.