During a recent Hack Day at Netflix, one group of employees designed something that sounds totally counterintuitive, but actually could be genius.

The Netflix Kiosk was built to address the challenge of users in developing markets where credit cards and high-speed bandwidth can be in limited supply. The machine would allow prospective users to sample Netflix content, create an account, and pay using cash.

Most impressively, the group actually built a working prototype, supposedly within the confines of the 24-hour challenge. We tip our hats to you.

The company notes that most of the ideas generated at the hackathon are unlikely to ever become real products. Certainly, the system that lets people access Netflix using an ancient telegraph machine or a tool that makes Netflix’s user interface creepier by adding eye movement to static images are not great bets.

But we’re intrigued by the vending machine. Why not Netflix machines for cafés? Or other public spaces?

Check it out: