Magic Leaps’ augmented reality technology still remains a mystery but, whatever it ends up being, you’ll be able to read comics on it.

Madefire this weekend announced a partnership with Magic Leap to release its digital comic book app on the platform at launch. Readers will be able to project the company’s own ‘Motion Books’, which feature moving panels, into the real world using the AR headset. Think of a traditional comic book page then imagining lifting the individual panels out of it, adding animations to them, and spreading them out in the environment around you. That could be what we’re getting here.

Madefire features content from comic industry giants like DC and Marvel as well as others. This time last year the company released a VR version of its app on the Gear VR, allowing readers to access books like DC’s Injustice in a virtual space.

Magic Leap, meanwhile, still remains shrouded in mystery. While we know that the company is working on technology similar to Microsoft’s HoloLens, we’re yet to see any actual hardware from a company that’s been invested in by the likes of Google. Rumors suggest a pilot run of units may be available soon, though it’s really anyone’s guess at this point.

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