Retailers already dread “showrooming” — visiting stores to find items and then buying them online for a lower price. Imagine how much they may fear augmented reality shopping.

GamesBeat lead reporter Dean Takahashi wrote about how the Osterhout Design Group, Qualcomm, and Mastercard are working together on an AR experience for retail shopping. It’ll be in Saks Fifth Avenue stores.

Now, you say this will be in a physical location. Baby steps, my friend. It doesn’t take much imagination to see how AR could be a boon for online shoppers.

Take the retail mannequin. It’s skinny, verging on tiny. Or too muscle-y. And it sure as heck doesn’t look like the average shopper. But with AR, you could one day have a mannequin that looks just like … you. Your proportions. You don’t have to ask if this makes your butt look big — you can see it.

But not only could it show you if your rump has too much bump, it can also show you how those jeans work with other pieces in your closet — shirts, sweaters, or jackets. Jewelry. Even hats.

I hate shopping for clothes. I have a long abdomen and short legs, and nothing off the rack looks right. All my pants need tailoring. So I never really know what a piece of clothing will look like on me. But with AR, I could tailor the clothes and see before I buy the jeans or anyone takes a pair of scissors to fabric. And one day, I hope I can do it in my closet.

It’s a shopping future I’m looking forward to.

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—Jason Wilson, GamesBeat managing editor

P.S. Tactai thinks its force feedback solution will make VR feel more immersive. Take a gander at its demo.

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