Presented by Mapbox

Signups just opened for Locate, a brand new mapping and location tech conference launched by a group of us at Mapbox. Product leaders, developers, designers — people solving real problems and building cool stuff are coming together to show off projects and talk about the insane changes in the space, from autonomous driving to AR maps and Bitmoji worlds.

“In a world of decentralized sensors mapping and measuring everything live…” (read in the voice of Don LaFontaine)

Tech such as distributed mobile sensors and neural networks have changed maps from static illustrations to living and learning systems. Autonomous driving and AR/VR demand a shift from maps for people to maps for robots, part of a drive toward greater efficiency and accessibility.

This conference is inspired by WHERE 2.0 back in the day — that was a moment when we all knew the location space was changing, but you couldn’t see the whole picture until Brady Forrest brought all the builders and dreams together in the same space. We’re now at a similar moment in the location space, which is why we’re starting Locate.

The first 100 signups get a 25% discount (no idea on pricing yet but want to get the party started). We’re also working on getting vintage FireEagle t-shirts as prizes for prime number signups. While I don’t see how drone racing in the parking lot exactly fits in to all of this, it will happen.

To all 900,000+ developers, partners, and customers building with Mapbox today: As a platform, we live vicariously through what you create with our tools  —  your success is our success, and we should get together and talk about the future.

See you at Locate.

Eric Gundersen is CEO of Mapbox.

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