OVERLAND PARK, Kan.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–January 24, 2018–HealthSplash, which is developing the first 360° healthcare management platform that allows patients to take control of their healthcare using blockchain technology and smart contracts, opens its Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT) fundraising to accredited investors today.

HealthSplash exists to create truly friction-free healthcare by developing a decentralized data platform built on blockchain technology that will have the potential to save lives by switching from the current reactive model to a proactive one.

“SAFTs will entitle purchasers to our HealthSplash (HSP) tokens once they are developed and network conditions are satisfied,” said HealthSplash CEO Brett Blackman. “We expect to soon launch a HealthSplash mobile application as an important step in our healthcare technology development,” Blackman added.

Once the open platform is fully operational, HSP tokens can be used by the community (see technology video). The HSP tokens are designed to give patients the ability to manage and share their health data on a platform whose mission is to deliver the right data to the right person to save lives.

SAFTs are available for purchase by accredited investors beginning today and lasting until March 16, 2018. The SAFT round is raising up to $25 million with an individual minimum commitment of $10,000.

Blackman and HealthSplash CTO Ron Sloop began building the HealthSplash network after discovering they had the ability to provide solutions to the U.S.’s inefficient healthcare system by applying the technology Sloop has already developed for other business models.

“We are uniquely qualified to build very large-scale distributed transactional processing systems,” Sloop said. “We’ve built some of the largest distributed systems which are running Fortune 50 companies today. We understand how to develop enterprise solutions that can scale without sacrificing user experience using new technologies such as DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology),” he said.

HealthSplash intends to develop a transparent platform that will revolutionize how the four cornerstones (patients, providers, servicers and payors) of healthcare interact with each other.

Funds raised will go toward the continued buildout of the HealthSplash network, including patient and provider mobile applications as well as the website portals, marketing of the network and other efforts. The apps are expected to ultimately offer doctor reviews, appointment scheduling, compliance software, electronic workflows, telemedicine, integrations with wearable technology, pharmacy delivery and lab service. The HealthSplash roadmap has focused efforts toward technology interoperability.

Blackman will invite those at the Crypto Funding Summit today and tomorrow in Los Angeles to purchase SAFTs from HealthSplash if they are accredited investors. Interested investors can watch his presentation here and visit splashtoken.io for more information on the project.

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