(BUSINESS WIRE)–January 24, 2018–Spry, the first mobile public relations (PR) network, brings the sharing economy to the public relations industry with a new on-demand platform. The technology start-up delivers communications services from top PR and journalism talent.

With the Spry Client app, any organization needing PR materials delivered quickly can now access world-class talent to create a variety of communications tools, from press releases to blog posts to influencer lists, with only a few swipes and a fraction of the cost of what it used to take on the open market. The proprietary Spry algorithm matches client projects with the right talent in the Spry Workforce app, a network of talented and tested writers, marketers and communicators. The algorithm considers experience, expertise and even personal passions to ensure that each project is completed by the best person for the job, on time and on budget.

“Spry was created because there has been a big gap in the industry for those who want basic PR services but have smaller budgets,” said Angie Schneider, founder and CEO of Spry. “Whether start-ups that require lightning speed turnaround, non-profits with intermittent needs or any team that wants to leverage a modern marketing mix and make the budget work smarter, the potential user base for Spry is expanding rapidly.”

With the launch of Spry, PR and marketing agencies also now have a fast, efficient and effective way to leverage this highly qualified independent workforce, keeping in-house teams focused on strategy and client service, while outsourcing tactics.

Spry capitalizes on a fundamental shift in the general workforce, from traditional long-term employment to the gig economy. Driven by freedom, flexibility and the opportunity to earn extra money, 57.3 million people are now working freelance in the United States, an increase of nearly 30 percent from the previous year, according to the Freelancing in America 2017 report.

“We decided to embrace the disruption created by the gig economy, and knew technology had to be the key to bring it to our industry. On-demand PR was an inevitability, but an elegant solution was needed. That’s why Spry was born,” said Schneider.

Spry launches after an extended testing phase, with vetted writers and professionals solicited from journalism, PR and marketing backgrounds. Beta client participation has included start-ups, PR agencies, small businesses, tech companies and nonprofits.

About Spry
For more information, visit www.sospry.com and watch Spry’s explainer videos, https://vimeo.com/sospry.