Last week, I wrote about Venture for America founder Andrew Yang’s unlikely run for president, as he aims to convince the general public of the need for universal basic income (UBI). Whether one agrees that UBI is necessary in today’s digital economy or not, the stories highlighted in this week’s Heartland Tech newsletter show that inequality is increasingly top of mind for tech companies and their executives.

Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes has a new book out today in which he joins Yang in calling for the implementation of UBI. Meanwhile, his former employer is giving troves of personal data to  Stanford researcher Raj Chetty, who will study the roles social divisions play in income inequality, as Politico’s Nancy Scola reported.

Finally, as I reported yesterday, tech think tank the Information Technology and Innovation Fund (ITIF) is calling for an overhaul of workforce training programs as artificial intelligence prepares to automate an array of tasks that workers perform today. But at the same time, the think tank came out against UBI, arguing that artificial intelligence won’t automate as many jobs as people fear.

What I feel is missing from these discussions is the hiring practices that may have contributed to income inequality. Certainly, automation threatens to disrupt the jobs of millions of Americans from Silicon Valley to the Heartland — as has been true with any new technology.  But when nearly 3 in 4 new jobs go to the most prosperous 40 percent of ZIP codes in the U.S. — and companies with huge market caps, like Facebook, are often the ones adding these jobs — it’s not enough to simply look at how training and UBI can aid the communities that are receiving fewer and fewer jobs.

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