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According to Coinbase CEO, Brian Armstrong, “There is $10 billion of institutional money waiting on the sidelines to invest in digital currency.” However, considering the existing trading infrastructure and high demand, conventional investors cannot easily access cryptocurrency investing. Despite this, it is becoming harder and harder for hedge fund traders to ignore the crypto world.

Developed by CG Blockchain, the Blockchain Terminal (BCT) is a new project powered by blockchain technology, whose mission is to create an ecosystem where cryptocurrency trading is secure and transparent for institutional investors. BCT’s vision is to disrupt the wealth management industry by delivering robust services and tools.

Through the power of Blockchain technology, BCT aims to provide cutting-edge apps, while at the same time enable ad hoc audits and real-time compliance enforcement.

A next-generation type of hedge fund platform

BCT will provide an advanced security layer and added functionalities to the current hedge fund and wealth management industries, powered by blockchain. The end goal is to enable cryptocurrency-focused investment funds to use decentralized apps and benefit from complex platform tools for secure front office and back office operations.

To paint a clear, streamlined picture of the crypto world, BCT combines essential market data from major cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as social media news and details about new ICOs. The platform’s ComplianceGuard application lies at the core. Its purpose is to meet the most rigid demands pertaining to the hedge fund industry through a complex compliance framework.

The technology has already been tried, tested, and used in twenty existing hedge funds. Its main features include a transparent audit trail where BCT transactions are monitored and time-stamped on the platform’s immutable ledger, real-time monitoring, and complete transaction visibility, and a business logic rule where alerts adhere to pre-trade and post-trade compliance regulations.

Full-stack, open application store for users

Blockchain Terminal also includes an open application store for its users. The end goal is to bring Blockchain-based apps and cryptocurrency news up on the screen of hedge fund and institutional investors. By powering the ecosystem through the open app store, BCT becomes a living, breathing crypto community where users can leverage the tools and services on the terminal’s environment.

Traders can perform transactions using the software, as well as direct their orders to market makers and crypto exchanges. The uniquely created patent-pending technology paves the way to the creation of a transparent audit trail meant for all kinds of tradings irrespective of size.

Introducing the BCT tokens

The BCT platform features two co-existing tokens. The first is the fuel powering the terminal, namely the BCT utility token. The second is an ERC20 compliant token created on Ethereum. Its purpose is to provide access to the platform’s core services and tools. To join the next-generation type of institutional grade platform — start performing transactions, get access to applications, or store data — all users will require BCT tokens. Upon acquisition, they become part of the community and will benefit from completely secure and transparent activities.

Following The Blockchain Terminal’s successful private airdrop and presale, the BCT public pre-sale is ongoing until March 31. Following this date, the project will enter its public sale, from April 1 until April 15.

Ioana Paicu is a digital marketer and passionate technical copywriter with a great interest in Blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and fintech.

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