Nvidia showed off deep learning visualization 3D imagery of a beating heart, based on enhanced inferences from crude black-and-white ultrasound scans.

Nvidia showed a demo dubbed Clara, a medical imaging supercomputer. Nvidia showed a beating heart in motion, based on an AI estimation of a heart from another ultrasound scan.

“We post-process it using AI to infer more computational information from it,” said Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia, in a keynote speech at the company’s GTC 2018 event in San Jose, California. “We call this a medical imaging supercomputer.”

Partners number in the dozens, from the Mayo Clinic to Samsung.

“Our strategy at Nvidia is to accelerate GPU computing at the speed of light,” Huang said.

Update: We removed an image that incorrectly suggested that Nvidia’s hardware and software was used to create imagery of a baby in a womb. The image was created with Philips technology.

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