FAT FINGER Unleashes The Power of AI to the Front Line Worker


Today, SEE Forge, creators of FAT FINGER, an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) software company, released “AI Coach”, an Artificial Intelligence enhancement that provides field workers and front line employees with real-time intelligent alerts to coach users to be safer and more productive.

“Think of an all-knowing coach looking over your employee’s shoulder, guiding them to be the most productive they can be and to go home safe,” said James McDonough, CEO of SEE Forge. “Companies not using data to help their employees be the best they can be, and most importantly go home safe are not serving them or their shareholders to the highest standard possible.”

With a continued push to be the leader in the Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0 market, FAT FINGER is leveraging AI and the data flowing through companies’ operational processes, procedures, forms and workflows to suggest safer and more productive actions while front line workers do their jobs.

For example, front line workers using FAT FINGER digital forms and procedures to do asset inspections, production rounds, maintenance tasks, quality control and safety observations not only have quick access to all the instructions and can capture clean data, but also are now alerted to important items that need attention.

“If your operations are on paper, you are miles behind your competitors and putting your company under risk. Leaders in your industry have already gone digital and now are uncovering valuable data insights,” said McDonough.

About SEE Forge:

SEE Forge creators of FAT FINGERĀ is a leading software platform that helps companies digitize any procedure and communication, connect IoT devices, gain real-time visibility to their people’s activity, and intelligently coach them to take safer, smarter actions. www.seeforge.com

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