Google announced today that Dialogflow Enterprise Edition, its platform for companies looking to run their own intelligent chatbots, has launched out of beta.

The service, previously known as API.AI, makes it easier for companies without AI expertise to design and deploy their own bots that use AI-based natural language understanding and processing to interact with end users. This allows companies to build their own automated customer service agents, sales bots, and other capabilities.

The service integrates with other Google Cloud services, like the company’s Speech-to-Text API, which turns spoken words into written text. Google will offer enterprises technical support with this launch, as well as a guaranteed level of availability for the Dialogflow service.

Customers can use the resulting capabilities to build skills for virtual assistants, including the Google Assistant, Alexa, and Cortana.

These sorts of intelligent services are an important part of the value proposition of cloud services since they’ll allow companies to build intelligent systems that would have been otherwise inaccessible. Google is competing with other tech giants in this arena, including Microsoft and Amazon Web Services, which have a stronger hold on the enterprise cloud market.

Dialogflow and capabilities like it could be critical to getting companies onto Google Cloud, which then allows the company to upsell other services.

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