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There’s no right way to camp. For some, it’s about roughing it — facing nature head-on, flint-starting their own fires, and fishing for their dinner. For others, there’s glamping — mattresses in yurts or solid structures under the stars.

For most people, camping is somewhere in the middle.

Regardless, it can be a lot more comfortable with a few trusty gadgets, which is why we’ve picked some tech tools to take your outdoor adventures up a notch. Better still, if you’re hitting the road in the Jeep Grand Cherokee, its luxurious interior has enough space to ensure you can bring all your must-have gadets along with you.

Charge up

Above: BioLite CampStove 2

Camping is often the easiest digital detox, but life sometimes gets in the way. Whether you’re checking in on the babysitter or just checking in on your favorite team, Anker’s PowerPort Solar is foldable, portable and claims to charge up to 23 per cent faster than the next fastest portable solar panel.

For a more decked-out option, consider the BioLite CampStove 2, a smokeless wood burning stove that can boil 1L of water in under five minutes. It comes with an easy-to-handle pot stand and a USB output, letting you charge your hiking headlamp with the power of fire while you cook your pre-trek meal.

Bug out, without bugs

Who says you need to deal with bug bites when camping? Thermacell has a range of bug-repelling solutions. Its Backpacker Mosquito Repeller creates a 15 ft-by-15 ft bug-free zone and runs for up to ninety hours on a 4-ounce fuel canister. Meanwhile, its battery-powered Trailblazer Camp Lantern emits 300 lumens of light that last for up to 50 hours on the highest setting, keeping your campsite lit while shooing away mosquitoes and black flies.

Quench your thirst

Above: Hidrate’s Spark 2.0

Staying hydrated is important for any adventurer. Grayl’s Ultralight Purifier holds nearly 11 ounces of water that it purifies in 15 seconds. It keeps you protected from viruses and bacteria without having to be pumped, squeezed, or powered. Hidrate’s Spark 2.0 also has your health top of mind. It syncs with your FitBit or smartphone and glows to remind you when to take a sip, which is handy on those long hikes through the woods.

Play it cool (or hot)

Whether it’s the heat sweats or the meat sweats, it can be tricky to cool down on a camp site. That’s why you should consider some A/C. Yes, we mean it. Camping should be comfortable, and the Icybreeze Air Conditioner uses water, not Freon, to push out air up to 35º Fahrenheit colder than the outside temperature. And you can charge it while you drive thanks to the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s 115 V outlet.

If keeping warm is your concern, the Euro Blackcan Heat Camping Mat is fully padded for extra comfort and uses hot water to warm you up quickly and safely. It’s propane powered and can maintain temperatures for up to 24 hours of continuous run time. It’s also quiet, compact, and promises to heat you up even if the outside temperature dips below freezing.

Stay fresh and clean

Above: Drumi

Just because you’ve left behind your creature comforts, doesn’t mean you can’t still be clean. The Zodi Hot Tap Shower comes with dual 15L water tanks, meaning you can take a downright luxurious (and hot!) 10-minute shower under the stars. If you’re short on time — or just want to save propane –the Helio Pressure Shower from NEMO Equipment offers a quick rinse with help from its foot pump. Similarly, the Yirego’s foot-pedal-powered Drumi non-electric washing machine can clean and dry your clothes in less than five minutes — which anyone with kids will tell you is almost too good to be true.

Some people can be particular about their bathroom habits, and not everyone is comfortable (or physically able) to dig a hole. That’s what makes the Thetford’s Campa Potti XT perhaps the most luxurious item on this list. It’s small and portable, but has a tank large enough to last more than a few days. And, best of all, it flushes.

No matter where your wanderlust takes you this summer, let the Jeep Grand Cherokee get you there in style and comfort. And with the above tech-sessories in tow, roughing it doesn’t actually have to be rough.

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