Altia Systems is announcing its PanaCast Live System, which delivers 180-degree immersive videos. Intel Sports is using the system to broadcast live high-quality images with a virtual reality-style immersion.

Cupertino, California-based Altia is unveiling the technology at the Intel Capital Global Summit this week in Palm Springs, California. PanaCast Live integrates six 13-megapixel cameras with real-time stitching at 60 frames per second to enable a first-of-its-kind immersive virtual reality experience.

That basically means you get a VR-like experience in a kind of semi-circle viewing range, rather than a full 360 degrees. But it is simple to use and automatically weaves together the video from the six different cameras.

Intel Sports has chosen PanaCast Live to complement its Intel True VR technology in support of major professional sports by delivering a 180-degree 4K ​3D experience. In January, the Intel Sports team debuted VR content with the new PanaCast Live system to livestream major sports events, and it has been delivering content to fans around the world from close-to-the-action vantage points.

“We are committed to delivering a compelling VR experience, bringing fans closer to the action,” said Jayaram Sankar, chief technology officer of the Intel Sports Group, in a statement. “The new PanaCast Live system from Altia Systems provides us with the ability to provide unprecedented angles to watch and engage with the major sports events we broadcast.”

Consumers can livestream various sporting events via the Intel True VR app or its partner branded app, which is available for Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream.

“The PanaCast Live system captures 180-degree video in crisp 4K 3D, enabling fans using the Intel True VR service to get up close and personal with athletes at the major sporting events being broadcast live. It provides a truly immersive experience for consumers that mimics attending the event live, ensuring they don’t miss a beat,” said Altia Systems CEO Aurangzeb Khan, in a statement. “We are delighted to collaborate with the Intel Sports team to deliver an engaging, immersive experience for fans.”

The PanaCast Live system’s cameras have onboard real-time processing to synchronize, stitch, and optimize the video streams at 2,358 megapixels per second. This produces the 180-degree 4K 3D video stream at 60 frames per second and output via the 12G SDI interface, with audio inputs integrated, as well.

“The industry-first system is designed for both indoor and outdoor use,” said Yashket Gupta, director of engineering for camera systems development at Altia Systems, in a statement. “The system’s output can be used for livestreaming or to create recorded content for sharing via platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.”

Altia System’s investors include Intel Capital.