Hosted by tech media company SV Insight, the 2nd Blockchain Connect Conference will arrive in San Jose in June to cover crypto trends, exhibit promising blockchain projects, and connect entrepreneurs

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–May 15, 2018–

Blockchain Connect Conference Silicon Valley 2018 will be held at the San Jose Convention Center on June 26-27, 2018. The two-day event brings together expert leaders and speakers to discuss the future of blockchain space. Major players in the blockchain industry will be attending this conference from around the globe.

SV Insight will be hosting this conference together with Draper Dragon, Huobi Pro, DHVC and ConsenSys.

The upcoming Blockchain Connect Conference will be packed with over 2,000 participants including top speakers, opinion leaders, tech experts, and the hottest projects in the blockchain space. In addition, there will be exhibitions of the most popular block companies and projects as well as the biggest blockchain career fair of this year.

During the event, a ‘Hackathon’ space, where hackers develop codes and seek solutions for technical issues raised by conference speakers, will also be running in parallel with the conference.

The theme of the conference this year is “the Next Crypto Unicorn”, which is a reference to new blockchain startups. A “unicorn” is a startup company with a value of over $1 billion. Using this standard, all top 20 crypto assets can be considered as “unicorns”. Aiming to be the next crypto unicorn, some of the hottest blockchain projects such as NKN and Ontology will appear at the upcoming Blockchain Connect Conference.

“While the theme is ‘the next Crypto Unicorn’, this is not limited to just cryptocurrencies,” explains Paul Li, CEO of SV Insight. “The blockchain industry, as well as upstream and downstream industries, are also key participants.” CoinTelegraph (one of the biggest global blockchain media), Huobi Pro (crypto exchange), as well as BTCC (Bitcoin services company) are all indispensable parts of the entire blockchain ecosystem.

“‘Catch the Next Crypto Unicorn’ has two main objectives. Other than finding the next unicorn, we also want to help these new projects to grasp at an opportunity of a lifetime and become a real ‘unicorn’.” –Paul Li, CEO of SV Insight

The guest list includes Bobby Lee, co-founder of BTCC; Zhong Shao, CS Department Chair at Yale University; Daeje CHIN, Chairman of Korean Blockchain Association, former CEO of Samsung Electronics; Yanbo Li, founder of NKN; Jun Li, Founder of Ontology and co-founder of Onchain, just to name a few.

Organizers of the conference have also arranged professionals in legal, tax, regulation and community operations, to talk about hidden traps in blockchain startups and help projects comply with regulations and operate more efficiently.

“With the entire blockchain industry facing tremendous changes the last few months, the conference could not come at a better time. The entire crypto market cap shrank by half, less and less ICOs are being launched, opportunists start to panic and there is an increasing amount of people starting to lose their faith in Blockchain,” explains Paul Li. “Knowing the challenges that we will soon be facing in the industry, the Blockchain Connect Conference wants to unite the industry.”

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