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Customers are more connected than ever — but that makes them harder to reach. Your message is too often drowned out by a hurricane of competing messages and your customer’s divided attention across a variety of channels, and it’s trickier than ever to track down most promising new customers. But AI is changing the game, letting you find and reach the right customers more quickly and more effectively than ever before.

That’s because customer data is your biggest asset in the customer acquisition and engagement game, and AI marketing technology is the most effective way to harness it. It can help you pinpoint and then target the new customers who are ready to convert, create tailored experiences for the customers you already have, and uncover insights that help you optimize targeting and messaging in real time.

Right from the start, AI eliminates the greatest of all-time resource sucks: hunting down new customers, hailing them, and then bringing them on board. And while you’re investing all your resources into that mission, high-quality leads can get lost in the noise. AI eliminates error and dramatically increases your reach by automating the whole process, at scale — reaching far more customers than you currently do.

And then AI unlocks the power of intent data. Your old-school lead scoring is untrustworthy, relying on manually assigned point values based on a limited segment of customer behavior and a whole lot of guesswork.

AI can look at the whole field of prospective customers and then filter those results granularly based on the billions of data points on everything from customer behavior on your site and in your interactions with them, to consumer activity across the web and even offline, available widely from third-party sources and more valuable than ever. These machine-learned algorithms can recognize who is likely to bite, and who’s not worth coaxing onto the hook, and serve up the most likely candidates on a silver platter. Or they can trigger automated functionalities in marketing and sales automation systems to engage prospects with the right message at the right time.

With predictive analytics, or the magic of knowing what your potential customers want even before they know, you can optimize your customer contact strategy to tap them on the shoulder when and where and how they want to be contacted, and offer them exactly the right product, in the most effective way, just when they’re ready to buy.

AI can also take that broad spectrum of customer information and do a deep dive to detect the crucial behavioral patterns that should be harnessed for the most effective customer marketing and engagement in every channel, and across channels as well. It’ll also help you find and most effectively nurture customers that are re-engaging, or seem most likely to come back to the fold.

Are your acquisition and engagement tactics paying off? AI marketing tools can also help you analyze how well your content and campaigns are doing, helping you target your resources and focus when it comes to the kind of optimization that captures customers’ attention and keeps them coming back.

To learn more about how retail organizations are using AI to jump ahead of the competition, capture more customers, and ignite their loyalty, don’t miss this VB Live event!

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  • The future of AI in retail: What’s next?


  • Rob Roy, Chief Digital Officer, Sprint
  • Eugene Feygin, SEO Manager, Sears
  • Jaimy Szymanski, Industry Analyst & Founding Partner, Kaleido Insights
  • Rachael Brownell, Moderator, VentureBeat

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