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Social media, blockchain, and cryptocurrency have a very close relationship. Much of the growth and popularity of cryptocurrency can be attributed to social media apps. Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, in turn, has also greatly influenced the social media market. Have you already heard about blockchain-integrated social networks? Sapien, Sola ( and Indorse ( are some of the big ones.

But the fun does not stop here. New inspiring projects keep on appearing on a daily basis. Let’s take the innovative blockchain-integrated social media project, Selfie GO, as an example and find out what makes such projects so special when compared to the standard SM platforms.

Let’s see what makes blockchain-integrated social media networks so special and check out the benefits they offer compared to the standard social media platforms.

Standard social media apps vs blockchain-integrated apps

Unlike standard social media apps that come with some disadvantages — a lack of end-to-end encryption, dependency on an ad-based business model, as well as centralized management and architecture — blockchain-integrated social media apps offer the following benefits:

  • Truly decentralized social content
  • Freedom of speech
  • Strong social network security (a blockchain-integrated system eliminates the presence of metadata on centralized servers, which can be used by third parties for tracking, surveillance, or data gathering)
  • Gamification of social interactions
  • An innovative way to interact
  • Various ways to make payments using cryptocurrencies
  • Numerous possibilities to get rewarded and gain money, not to mention the possibility for content creators to directly monetize their content (for instance, via a decentralized advertising system), circumventing, therefore, a middleman who extracts profits. Just for the record, Facebook made an average of $6.18 off each user in Q4. That’s some middleman.

Needless to say, it is becoming more and more difficult to amuse and surprise people. That’s where blockchain-integrated apps come in. They provide a wonderful opportunity to innovate and fundamentally change how social media services are built, used, and monetized. However, even if you are looking for a new blockchain social media startup worth investing in, it should not only come with a well-crafted architecture but should also offer something unique and refreshing.

What are the characteristics of a good blockchain social media startup?

With dozens of blockchain social media startups out there, how do we know which one is worth spending money on? Here is a checklist to help you choose the right social media blockchain app to invest in before parting with your hard-earned money:

  • Choose a social media app that combines blockchain and AR/VR. These tech are the future of social media and they’ll soon be the norm instead of the exception.
  • Ensure that the app is not just blockchain-integrated, but it’s community-driven. In other words, it brings real value to its users. It’s not enough to run on blockchain; the service should offer something that people would love and want to use.
  • Make sure you know how the project is monetized and ask yourself if you would pay for the services that are offered.

Selfie GO is a good example of a blockchain-integrated social media app with potential. This social network uses blockchain, AR technology, and its cryptocurrency. But it’s not just about digital money. One of its underpinning ideas is the gamification of social interactions, to unite people from diverse backgrounds. No first-date awkwardness, no silent pauses that make you feel uncomfortable. Users communicate about the gaming activities of Selfie GO, drawing people closer together.

Selfie GO and its inherent benefits

Selfie GO is an instant social media app, which ensures the confidentiality of correspondence and the absence of a single point of failure. This app brings value to crypto investors and here’s why:

  1. It comes with a meaningful idea. Selfie GO offers an innovative view on interactions within social networks.
  2. Its tokens support ERC20, so they can be traded on external exchanges.
  3. It extends the frontiers of the crypto-world, making them accessible to the public at large.
  4. Selfie GO will stimulate the raise of SGO token price using these strategies:
  • Transferring SGO tokens as a payment for services or goods outside of Selfie GO.
  • Buying tokens back from exchanges on a daily basis with part of them being distributed to active network users, and another part being burnt.

SelfieGO is no surefire success. It encourages investors to acquire its tokens, betting on the volatility of their underlying value rather than contributing to the community. To engage users, the token holders should be among the key users of the app; in that way, the economic value will expose the currency to large price swings based on short-term investor sentiment, contributing to the sustainability of the overall project.

Julia Morar is a Head of PR Department at SelfieGO. She heads up strategic content and PR development and execution, including building relationships with key media, coordinating interviews and photoshoots, serving as a formal spokesperson, writing speeches, talking points, and more. Moreover, she goes crazy about crypto games, especially SelfieGO

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